50 Things a Mother Needs to Do in the Next Twenty Minutes

Je sais c’est en anglais mais c’est drôle. On se croirait dans un sitcom. Thnaks melissa for this typical day in 20 minutes. That’s we love children;-)

Your Mom Has A Blog

This weekend I ran across a list that suggested fifty things to do before your next birthday.  I saw the title and laughed.

I laughed because, as a mother of small children, I knew that I probably wouldn’t do any of this list of fifty things in the next year.  The list included things like having a picnic in the mountains AND at the beach, doing something extreme (like skydiving), growing your own food, and seeing a Broadway show.  None of these things is likely to happen this year.

But, I could think of at least fifty things that a mother of small children generally needs to do within the next twenty minutes.  Eat your heart out, you skydiving, Broadway-loving, mountain picnickers!

1.  Investigate the odor that seems to be following your child.

2.  Distribute snacks.

3.  Clean up spilled snacks.

4.  Redistribute snacks.

5.  Put the TV on Disney.

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